What is DeFi platform ONESPACE?

Onespace platform application built on Solana blockchain. Solana network very fast, you make transaction in seconds with a minimum commission of $0.00025.


It is a cross-chain decentralized crypto platform combines applications for trading, swap, staking, farms, NFTs and more.

We want to create ONE crypto SPACE with a simple and clear interface for decentralized trading.

All of our applications built in Solana network.

About Apps

Our Web3 applications are easy to use with a clear interface.

SWAP & Earn

Instantly and cheap convert cryptocurrencies in decentralized exchange system.

  • Fast and clear interface like Uniswap
  • Farms and staking systems
  • Pool liquidity
  • No fees (only blockchain)

NFT Store

New decentralized NFT store with lowest transactions costs and fast interface.

  • Create and collect
  • Buy and sell
  • Auctions system
  • No fees (only blockchain)


Trade fast with minimal transaction cost on decentralized exchange.

  • Fully decentralized
  • Trade instantly
  • Cross-margin trading
  • Multiple positions using a single pool of collateral

Trade 1SP token

Trade 1SP token is live. More exchanges coming soon. Farming and staking are already available.


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Staking & Farms

Our Roadmap